Jul. 4th, 2007

I know this will put the damper on some people's plans, but I don’t care.  It has been such a dry summer, the grass is brown, the flowers are drooping, even the weeds are dying (except for those little bastards hiding among my flowers, lovin the hose and shooting up over night). 

I hate watering the garden, and do it as little as possible.  Unless you have the time and money for a solid irrigation system, soaking the soil 8-10 inches down, all you are doing is stunting the roots and encouraging your plats to be hose dependant.  I still water the flowers by the house and carry the watering can out to the lettuce bed.  Mostly I leave the veggie garden along.  It's planted in the lowest point in the yard and rarely requires watering.  When I was trying to decide where to plant my vegetables I walked around the yard, looking for where the grass grew the fastest.  There I tilled up a big circle and started planting – it’s been getting bigger every year.

The only flowers I don't water are the sunflowers… because I'm lazy.  They are too far for the hose and too profuse for the watering can.  I wanted to make a bold statement, so I planted over 125 feet of sunflowers all along the road.

The thunder is still distant, but I can't wait for the storm to hit.  Some might complain, but what could be more stunning than lightning on the fourth.

The only fireworks display I really remember from my early childhood was during a rainstorm.  The lightning flashed behind the fireworks and the thunder was almost as loud.  We were crouched in the car, but we had the windows open so we could see out.  Mom had brought old cookie sheets so we could make a little awning over the open windows to keep the rain out.  It was the most fun I ever had on the fourth.  I hope this year is as good.

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