Jan. 25th, 2008

The new year has just started and already wonderful things are happening.  I just got back from a a wonderful weekend in Lily Dale  with my friend Heather.  The trip was my Christmas present from her, and her first time there.   The air was crisp but not too cold or snowy.  My main reason for this trip was to hear the Sunday service at the Church of the Living Spirit again.  Since my last visit I have been invited to give the Sunday sermon April 6th, and I realized that the last time I attended I was so focused on my afternoon lecture I have no memory of the service at all.  So I figured I needed a refresher. Mission accomplished we spent a few hours chatting with the lovely Cara Seekings and I received an exciting invitation for Super Seekrit Summer Project the week of my July workshop.
This Month I will be spending my birthday in beautiful Buffalo, NY at the huge Psychic Fair at the  Hearthstone Manor in Depew.  This will be my largest fair as a psychic reader.  I'm very excited and very nervous.  I will also be giving a free lecture at the fair, previewing my new workshop: Walking the Sacred Circle - an Introduction to Ritual.



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