May. 10th, 2007 01:02 pm
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It's been one hell of a few months. I ended up loosing a freelance gig that I was counting for the summer and totally fell apart for a few weeks. After lots of crying and laying on the bathroom floor I decided to start a regular job hunt... I forgot just how depressing those can be.

The job hunt has gone very poorly, but my other work has been picking up, so I don't know where to focus my energies and it all has left me so exhausted I can barely move some days.

So that's some of what's going on.

There have been some very positive, nay remarkable opportunities showing up lately too. I will be teaching classes on Auras in two locations next week, LilyDale, NY and Fowler, OH

I also have a new yoga class that will be starting in Late June at the Peace House in Youngstown, OH

The Lily Dale class is a remarkable opportunity. Lily Dale is the oldest spiritualist community in the US. Being asked to speak there, is very cool and has highlighted exactly what kind of people are in the local metaphysical community around here. Lots of the psychic around here brag about spending time at Lily Dale or they talk about how many classes they have been to there. Psychics trained in Lily Dale are treated extra specially, I don't know of a single local who as been asked to teach there. Man, some of these people are Pissed. The incredulous "You?" or "How?" has been bandied about. Worse things when they think I'm not in hearing range (The smart people remember that as 20-50 years younger that most of the psychics in the area I hear better than most and they leave the room before talking about me).

On the one hand, FUCK EM. It's not my fault they suck. On the other, none of the local psychic fairs will have me as a reader. None. I have to drive 1.5 hours or more to find a fair that will have me as a psychic and that's making it really hard to grow a practice in the area.

Ok, this post has gone on longer that I planned, I have to go get some work done. I have a bunch of little notices that I keep meaning to post about other stuff I've been doing and I get those up later today.
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