I have no idea how this is going to work out, but we have added forums to American Metaphysics. What the heck, it's our one year anniversary, we'll send it up the flagpole and see if it sends prayers to heaven. It may turn out to be more trouble than it's worth, but I have a lot of respect for forums. I met my NYC best friend on a forum.
I wanna be Hasselhoff when I grow up.


Jan. 28th, 2006 01:06 am
MintWhen I was a kid we used to go to Texas every summer to visit my grandmother. She lived in this big southern house surrounded by gardens with one bed filled with tiny wild strawberries and tons of mint. She would make up big batches of extra strong, sweet, mint tea and serve it over lots of ice. Even on the hottest summer day that crisp tea would cool you down.

Even after she moved out of that big, old house into a condo she kept a little pot of mint by the window. It never did very well inside, just enough to crush a few leaves into a tall glass of iced tea in the summer.

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I woke up in a vile mood three times today. I actually got out of bed on the third try.

First was the dreams. See, I've been doing readings every Thursday at a new local bar, Utopia, and their early evening business sucks. That wasn't a problem the last time I was set up in a bar to do readings because after a few weeks people started coming in to see me, but these guys keep making up excused about why they cant make any mention of me in any of their marketing materials. It was pissing me off in a low grade sense, I was thinking of putting a bit of my own money out for it and then I heard another bar do an entire radio ad mostly for their psychic... and now I'm angry. Angry enough that every dream I had last night got sidetracked my me complaining to random dream characters about how pissed I am. So, I'll bitch a bit tonight and go back to looking for another location - yes, I want to support the only gay bar in town, but fuckem.

In other news, I want to say that the California Better Business Bureau is awesome and lovely. In 2004 I hired Submit Express to work on Blue Dragon Beauty. They sucked, my traffic crashed and they charged me large amounts of money to fuck my shit up. I hate them and finally reported them to the BBB last summer and they went away and stopped bugging me for the last few hundred bucks they say I owe them. They billed me again last week, so I contact the BBB to follow up. They say they can't find my original complaint but offered to work with me directly to resolve this problem and were very nice and responsive. All I have to do is rewrite my complaint. Must to that today or tomorrow.


Jan. 20th, 2006 12:04 am
Ok, So every Thursday from 7-10 I do readings at the new gay bar Utopia, (don't bother to follow the link, the site sucks and they give me the run around when I bitch about them not advertising me) and something strange has been happening - everyone thinks I'm straight.

I rarely go out anymore, it costs money and all of my friends are married, with children. When I'm there on Thursdays I noticed within a few weeks that if I hung out at the bar and chatted with people I wouldn't get any readings, people would just talk to me and get free info. I get more readings if I just put out fliers and then sit at my corner table and read. Makes me seem mysterious or something, or maybe guys think they need to buy a reading if they want to chat me up. That's fine, they get their money's worth.

But here's the thing, when I start wandering around at 9:30, talking to people I keep getting folks who think I'm straight and it's been a long time since the gaydar crowd has pegged me for straight. It just seems odd to me.

Hey look! A non promotional LJ entry and it's still boring.

To all those who know me. Did you think I was gay when you met me? I got used to people figuring me for gay - course in this town people are surprised to find out that even as an out fag you don't have an ex-wife and kids. Maybe I should move again.

House Pic
I bought this Bird of Paradise in a 4 inch pot and now look at it. Everything gets bigger around me.


Jan. 16th, 2006 03:09 am
I've loved ginger for years, cooking with it, nibbling candies ginger for snacks, sipping ginger tea for stomach upset and unsuccessfully trying to grow it (too far north). It's an amazing herb with a long history of use.

Modern research has shown ginger to be effective in preventing motion sickness, and soothing digestion. It also has mild stimulant properties, increasing circulation and invigorating the body. A few drops of ginger essential oil in some warm peanut oil makes an invigorating massage that promotes blood flow and circulation. A warm compress of lightly steamed ginger is a traditional oriental hangover cure - use a clean cloth or bandanna to tie it around the forehead or the back of the neck.

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I met Kitty Osborne in the spring of 2005.

travelodge.jpgI was working a psychic fair as vendor for Blue Dragon Beauty at the Comfort Inn in Erie, PA. God that place is a dump. I must have done at least six fairs there in '05 and every-time I'd pull into the parking lot I'd ask myself what on Earth I was doing at that hole. The only good things about that hotel is the restaurant, the staff and the adorable packaging on the free soaps and shampoos. Oh, and I've met some great people there.

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Jan. 15th, 2006 02:22 am
pods.jpgMany weeks ago, I was struck by a flood of nostalgia and longing. Visions of candles, sparkling lights, mirrors and the pleasure of rotting decadence covered me. I looked up at the light of now reflecting on the waves washing over my head. I looked down at the depths of yesterday below my feet. I smiled. Atmospheres of air escape my lips. Sinking down into the depths of memory I smile. I smile at you.

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Jan. 15th, 2006 01:54 am
Pine NeedlesWhen I first moved into my current home I walked to the back yard and gazed across it and into the neighbor's yard and thought, "I gotta get me some trees, block that view out."

Ten Pine trees, two red pines and eight white pines, later and a graceful screen is growing, beautiful and beneficial.

The soft needle pines are amazing trees. All year round they filter and clear the air, produce oxygen and add negative ions to the air (the point of each needle acts like a gentle negative ion generator).

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Jan. 14th, 2006 01:55 am
When I was growin up, Grandma Jo lived in a big old southern house in Beaumont, Texas. This wasn’t the house my Mom and Aunt grew up in, that was a modest suburban home that Grandma and Daddo would later rent out and finally sell as the neighborhood slid slowly down. The house I knew as Grandma’s was acquired from one of Daddo’s older ladies. To this day, I’m not sure exactly how that worked.

My maternal grandfather was short man with bald skull peaking out over a fuzzy fringe of pure white hair and twinkling blue eyes. Once he gave in to growing bald he would have my grandmother pluck any stray hairs that escaped the fringe. An odd little vanity, grandma said it was to keep him looking tidy, but he wasn’t a tidy man. Somehow it made him look childlike or maybe Geppettoesque… and Daddo collected older women.
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Jan. 14th, 2006 12:34 am
I've started writing expanded FAQs on various herbs and soap ingredients. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but it's the only writing I've been doing these days.

Lavender is a small perennial shrub native to the Mediterranean region and widely distributed in Southern Europe, later introduced throughout the world.

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Firestone Tire just tried to kill me.

So yesterday I noticed a big chunk was missing on my new front tire. So, I sighed dramatically and decided it was time to go back to Firestone and see if I could get a new one on a discount as this tire was less than a month old.

They looked at it and were like, "Dude, you ran over something. The rim is dented and did you notice the cut in the rear time?" Shit. So I had them replace both tires and change the oil. I got a break on the front tire since I had hazard insurance.

$156 later I have 2 new tires and I'm driving to Mom and Dad's place to get some stuff. I'm almost there when the break pedal slams all the way to the floor and the brakes get all less then emphatic about the stopping. I make it to Mom and Dad's do my thing and go out to the car. There is a small river of brake fluid running from the car and the brake light is on (no shit). So I borrowed Mom's car to go home and get clothes. Tomorrow I get towed back to Firestone to accuse them of attempted murder. I mean, gosh, what if I had decided to take the freeway home instead of back streets to the parent's place.

I feel like I should be all scared and shaken up, but I'm more pissed. I had stuff to do tonight and tomorrow and I'm frankly worried this is going to end up costing me more money.

Such a day.
Things I am greatful for, in no particular order:

My new house
My reasonably supportive parents
Not having to live with my reasonably supportive parents
My two cats
My new gig doing psychic readings on Thursdays
My two steady Yoga students, bless their hearts
My friends
My business
That my Saturn Return is past

Soul Food

Sep. 1st, 2005 08:00 pm
From The New Orleans Times-Picayune Website

Gumbo Krewe cooking up comfort food
Littice Bacon-Blood
River Parishes bureau

When Shawn and Danielle Bradley returned from Shreveport to their Norco home late Monday, they had cooking on their minds. They were thinking about gumbo, and lots of it.

On Thursday, the founders of the Gumbo Krewe, transformed their covered patio on Good Hope Street in Norco into an al fresco kitchen. The group, which gained national acclaim in 2001 for packing up its pots and heading to ground zero to feed hundreds of emergency workers in New York following the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks, now wants to spread a little comfort closer to home.

And by 12:30 p.m., according to Shawn Bradley's estimate, they had cooked up, dished out and delivered more than 100 gallons of chicken gumbo, jambalaya and red beans to emergency workers in St. Charles Parish and Kenner, with plans to feed many more.

"We're trying to feed whoever we can,'' Bradley said. "We're feeding cops and rescue workers first."

However, unlike 911, when the krewe was able to mobilize its kitchen and feed people on site, safety concerns this time around have members delivering the food to certain locations.

"We have drop-off points, drop-off points that are safe, '' Bradley said. "We have to have security wherever we go."

Bradley said Whole Foods in Metairie donated food, seasoning and paper products, he said. "They have given us everything we need,'' he said. "They've promised to send a truckload every day."

Bradley and his band of volunteers say feeding the workers - and whoever else happens by - is their way of giving back during a time of a national crisis.

"I've got to do my part,'' said Greg Lassiter of LaPlace as he readied ham hocks for stewing with red beans.

Gage Alleman, 10, of LaPlace came to Norco with his mother Debbie to help with the food preparations.

Earlier, he had onion duty. Did he cry?

"Once,'' he said with a smile.

Despite having roof damage from the hurricane, Debbie Alleman said she came simply because she heard the Bradleys needed help.

"Everyone said that they were working for blessings,'' Alleman said. "I thought that was nice."

With large fans sending the smell of simmering chicken, roux and onions through the air, your sense of smell could have guided you to Bradley's house. If not, the four flags - two American, one Louisiana, one Mardi Gras - posted high in the air and whipping in the wind could be easily spotted more than a block away. A banner stripped across the front porch proclaimed: Gumbo Krewe "Food for the Soul."

The Bradleys say they have not put a time limit on their service. They'll dish out comfort and comfort food, they said, "until the need is not there."

Oh Dear

Aug. 26th, 2005 12:02 am
This is why I've been so silent during this house deal.

First. thank you for all your kind words.

Second, we didn't close today.

See, my current Mortgage Agent, Jeanine Fox, the incompetent bitch from hell, Has mangled the contracts and the deal leaving me with closing costs more than twice our last conversation and a 6% tip to the sellers - a portion of closing costs is to be paid by the sellers out of an increase in selling price. Jeanine Fox - the brainless bag of hair, left that out and when I called her on it today she refused to admit that she had made a mistake and we got into a shouting match. My lovely and talented Realestate agent, Laura Tellman, spent some quality time working with the title agents, who have been very patient, to fix this deal. I'm still paying more out of pocket that I hoped, about $800, but less than Jeanine Fox, the least business like human I have had to deal with across three states, had set up, $2,400.

This deal has been a plague, a nightmare, a nightmare about a plague. we are supposed to try for closing again tomorrow, but who knows. As Dad pointed out at dinner tonight, I only have Jeanine Fox, agent of the damned's word on what my monthly payments will be. She could be full of shit. Again.

Short story, a few weeks into working with the bag of hair, my lovely agent Laura, the seller's agent Nikki and myself were a bit worried, none of us had heard from the bit of dibble piss for a few days and we were concerned since she had told us she was going to have loan approval on friday and it was the following Monday. We had each called and gotten no answer s we decided on Tuesday to just call until we got an answer. After a total of eight calls, all fielded by her secretary, Nikki finally got her and Jeanine Fox, Harridan from Hell, finally gets on the phone and starts freaking out. How is she supposed to get any work done when she's getting eight calls in a day? Eight! How can anyone work like that?

She prefaced every conversation with a complaint about that for the next three weeks.

I have never yelled at someone in a business deal before. Never. I don't even yell at the phone company or customer service. What is wrong with this woman? She even had the nerve to complain about her commission on this deal. It sickens me to think she will make money off of me.


Thank you for your support and congratulations. Hopefully we'll have something to celebrate soon, and when I get the house you are all welcome to comeon over.

Moving On

Aug. 25th, 2005 01:25 am
I’m buying a house today, and soon I’ll be leaving my parents house for the second time.

I remember the first time I left. I moved to Virginia Beach, intent upon working at the A.R.E. It look me almost a full month to convince them to pay me as an intern. A month of sleeping on floors and spare beds. A month of plans and plots. A few weeks back to pack and plan and then off again with a full trunk and nowhere to live.

I remember sitting on the floor of my room the night before I left, crying, packing, thinking I might never live in this place again and feeling like my heart would break. I listened to Deante’s "Where Are You" from Whisper of a Secret – The saddest song I know.

I moved six times in four weeks in Virginia and most every time I’d cry and pack and panic, wondering when I’d have a home again.

I ended up in a small cottage with a month to month deal I got by emotionally blackmailing and manipulating both the owner and the previous renters. I was more than I could afford, but the best I could do if I wanted to live alone in a resort town.

I loved living alone. I was lonely at times, but the freedom and space was worth it. After I moved in I found out my friend Dave lived across the street. More than five years ago I helped set him up with Beth. Still together and still happy after these few years.

I don’t remember much about leaving Virginia. I was sad, but ready to go. I couldn’t find work and I had an offer of a place to stay in New York, with my best friend from High School. I remember having a blast at my going away party and I remember Rachel being wonderful, helping me pack and sending me on my way. I remember it took three trips to finally get all my stuff and drive it to New York.

I was not sad to leave Tammie for Queens. She was insane and lived in Washington Heights – the scariest place I have ever been, let alone lived,

I remember leaving New York. It seems like it took weeks, the good bye dinners and hugs and small dramas and stress of packing. Mom, Dad and Margot came out to help me pack and drive the U-haul back to Ohio. Those last few days were a blur of stress and anger and relief when things went right and vision darkening anger when everything went wrong. By the time we pulled out I was too tired to be sad.

I remember being sad to leave people, but not sad to leave New York, until I started driving away for the second time.

I ended up having to make two more trips back to New York to finish clearing out the Apartment. Two and a half trips back and forth in a week. I was a wreck. It was that first trip, alone in my nearly empty apartment that the sense of loss struck me. I was leaving my independent life behind for however long and moving back to my parents’ house. Ric took me to dinner that night and I held him and cried and drove away. I cried till Pennsylvania and I sobbed when that skyline disappeared from my mirror. Then the next day I drove back and did it again.

It March, cool but not cold. I walked through my neighborhood one last time, knowing that even if I returned to New York I’d probably never walk though Woodside, Queens again. Tears till Jersey.

At Three o’clock I go to sign papers on my first home. I’m excited and scared and more than a little wary after all it’s taken to get this far (three months, three mortgage brokers, fifteen pounds and infinite contract extensions), and just a bit sad. I know this won’t be like the other moves. It’s only twenty minutes away, and because of fairs and such it’ll be at least a month before I move.

No, not like the other times. This time will be better.

New Theory

Jun. 28th, 2005 12:06 am
New Theory: iTunes random playlist responds to mental state. It's the only way to explain this current run... either that or my musical tastes run to the maudlin.

"See, in my line of work, you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." - Bush in Greece, N.Y., May 24
Thank you to all you well wishers. This was a most unexpected purchase.

As you may know, I've been house hunting since February with no joy in sight. Everytime I find someplace I like it kept getting snatched away. Either I wasn't fast enough or the agent screwed me, or was lazy as gov clerk, and I was pretty depressed about ever finding a place I liked and could afford.

I went to see a listing this afternoon, expecting it to be another dud (MLS # 1350990, you can look it up on http://www.coccarealestate.com use the login blue@purple.com password: purple)

It was charming. Not everything I've ever wanted, but very likable and under my limit (1:30). I decided to jump on the place and make an offer (3:30). They accepted (10:15) and we are in business!

As I told a client on Saturday in a reading, "this is not forever. This is just something you'll do until you don't do that anymore."

This won't be the place I spend the rest of my life, but it will give me what I need for now.

Now, go buy Soap, I need the money.
I just bought a house.
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